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Swingers/Alternative Lifestyle

June 10-12 2022

Traveling to Find Our Fellow Swingers

This adventure started with just Spencer and I. Ya know, he's such a handsome fella that I didn't mind at all! The weather was simply stunning. The sun shinning, the air was crisp. The perfect launch to our summer travel season.

Duty always calls. Or should I say... work hard, play hard? That's definitely our motto in life. Anyways, Spencer is in the lumber industry as well, so he's always working. It's a passion for him, which you can absolutely tell because he is so good it. I'm sure his customer appreciate being able to get in touch with him regardless of our travel schedules.

Sometimes we see some pretty cool things around the island. Having a few military bases around, you never know what you will see.

Friday Night Dinner at Madeira Restaurant

This place was a vacation away from the day. OMG. Absolutely amazing and so dang adorable. We've really been trying to branch out to try new places. The food was delicious. It was such a relaxing and enjoyable night. Beverages flowed, appetizers came, main entrees were served and it was all absolutely incredible. We travel to Rhode Island so much we really should be more open to new scenery. This totally did the trick and has made me more enthusiastic about what's to come.

Check it out. I captured a quick little tour.

Saturday Morning Smoke Session - Where the Brain Dump Happens

I talk frequently about the Saturday morning coffee, weed, girlfriends and brain dumps. Spencer was lucky enough to join. LOL Poor guy, what a champ! But honestly, these are my most favorite moments. Raw, organic and honest. Its beautiful.

The Coolest Crew Around...

Since we woke up really early on Saturday, we had some time to chill by the pool, in the sun, smoking some blunts having a great time. The amount of laughs that we have is the best. I think we are always laughing and smile. Its pretty fantastic. Having such a tight little group of humans is a really fun way to live life. Always reminiscing on the good times, thinking about the ones to come, all while living the best moments currently. Who would have thought life could be so incredible.

Let the Swinger Party Set Up Begin

And...... man your stations! We all work so well together, that it makes the day flow really well. Even though its work, it doesn't feel like it.

Take a peak around, watching it all come together....

So many fun pieces of furniture to explore. Not sure how to use it, ask us! We love to educate.

Don't forget the swingers rules. The play rules. The ones that should be known by everyone living an alternative lifestyle.

Such great humans, aren't they? If you are curious what they are up to, they are securing the stripper pole, testing it out to ensure no issues. Safety first!

Mizzy Monster is Almost Here, Feed Me!

We work up an appetite during these weekends. Coffee and treats are always a must! We all have our specific drink from Dunkin Donuts and we always get munchkins, on top of other stuff, but that's always part of the morning line up.

Time for Dinner with my Loves

We've really been managing taking a moment for dinner. Ensuring we take a break, regroup and chill before the night starts. I'm so happy we've figured that out because our turn over time was so minimal I barely had time to think. The trips are so much more balanced and wonderful.

Honestly, I was trying to take a photo during dinner and it was a video instead. Silly goose! I thought it was kinda cute, so I am sharing it.

And of course this pretty lady. These two make my heart smile in so many ways.

Naughty in Neon - Swingers Party is About to Begin

Welcome to the evening. Buckle up because we have some sexiness ahead!

Of course we have to take a minute to thank our sponsors: One Condoms, SDC Media, Spunk Lube, Naughty Indulgence and Mizzy's Boutique.

Upon check in you will be greeted with some goodies to keep your night safe.

When the music is amazing, the swingers dance! I love it!
There are some really sexy moments on that pole. Oh my, oh my!

Spencer and his sluts... lmao. I don't know how that came about, but ask him to sing it to you. I actually think Lady started it on the ferry out one trip.

Simply because everyone loves to see a booty!

Its Play Time!

Oh yes, oh yes... please! It is always so electrifying between us. So sexy, so fierce, soooo yummmyyyy!

We also flow really well together during scenes upon request. This sweet kitty is our brand ambassador for Mizzy's Boutique. Such an amazing, warm, caring soul.

Mizzy's Boutique Vendor Set Up

Chris Addams photography captured stunning photos of the boutique. I just had to share them. To shop

The Day After the Swingers Party

It was a hectic start to the day on Sunday due to clean up timelines, so we stayed at the hotel for the continental breakfast. The waffles are pretty tasty so we don't mind it time to time. I especially love having the breakfast available because I wake up earlier than everyone and I really need to feed my belly after such a long night of dancing, drinking and minimal sleep.

Well, the hectic morning lead to a a hurt foot. Although, I really don't believe I was rushing. It was poor placement of the stripper pole, which rolled off the stage onto my foot. I nearly passed out I was so stunned. That was it for for the day. I was put on disability with some ice and my bowl. I felt terrible that I wasn't able to continue to help. Ridiculous.

This is Where the Weekend Ends